Ajax anime lists. Lists loading without page reloading.
Ajax statistic.
Statistics export.
Bundles suggestion.
Genres import to add form.
Javascript tests.
API changes. New API calls for main list, statistics, user list. Changes in search API.
Bug fixes


OpenID login.
Pages for password changing and restoring.
New Registration system. Only email needed for registration. Both login name and e-mail can be used for login.
New cache system. Cache bugs fixed.
Big refactoring work. Some little bugs fixed.
Tests added. All basic code covered with tests.
API update. API description generates by inner script now.
All wrong pages changed for 404 status instead of default data using.
Changes in js code. No more absolute mouse tracking.
Added links for image request and current card link in js cards.
Dynamic creation of link fields added.
New colums in list: Changed for all user statuses, rating for "Done".
Added count of completed episodes for status "Now".
Notes for user lists.
Some design changes. New inputs and buttons styles.


Ajax edit.
Public user lists.
Current count for long-term statuses.
Rating for completed items.
Reversed sorting.


Add edit links to ajax-generated cards.
Anonymous users have state on ajax-generated cards now.
Anonymous users have colored links now.


Move links status from html, cards cache.
Fix uploaded filename bug.
Add ajax cards on main page.
New links format.
Fix search spacing bug.
Only active and last requests showing now.


Fix some bugs with requests.
Return commented exception.
Image link added.
Card edit style changes.


Max upload file size is 6 Mb now.
Request forms added.
API description added.
Fix unknown enddate setter.


Search cache bug fix.


Anonymous lists.
Unknown dates.
Non-ajax search. Opensearch support.
Status change on cards.


Small bugfix in bundles.


Added addition form.
Added non-js edit.
Added links model.
Added mal import.
Some history views.


Start moving to django.


First python version. Login/logout functions ported.
Registration function ported.
Cards ported.
Search functions ported.